These works have stemmed from our recent trip to Iceland conversing with contemporary artists from the company ‘Follow the Vikings’. Our trip saw us learning the importance of relationship between land and the people and those who walked it before them. Meeting people from many different places taught us of our attachment, respect and importance of telling the stories of those before and of our nature. The Saga.

Bringing imagery, video, performance and sound to the exhibition we hope to create an atmosphere of what these sagas once represented to the people. From imagery of contemporary rein actors dressing in traditional clothing to landscapes that once and continue to humble descendants and ancestors of the lands. Interpretations of norse folklore and storytelling which aims to engage audience members with a sense of importance of story.

Experimenting with atmosphere we hope to bring the exhibition together with a surround of sound that evokes and instills a presence of nordic culture and ultimately the Saga.

In a world always looking to the future we want this exhibition to embody the need for holding onto these values as a means of remembering The Saga and along with it its spirit.